Opening up St Mary’s

We are creating a welcoming, flexible and beautiful space for worshop and the community.

St Mary's is a beautiful and thriving church set at the heart of Twickenham. It has taken an active part in our local community for centuries and particularly attracts and supports young families, as well as being a spiritual home for those who live and work in the area.

In order to continue to be a life-giving prescence in Twickenham, we have decided to embark on a project to open up the inside of the church. 

Our vision is that by making the wonderful space we have more flexible, welcoming and inclusive, we will enable more varied worship to take place and enable much more community use of the building.

Our vision is to create:

  • A flexible and inclusive space
  • A space which meets the needs of St Mary's School
  • A wonderful resource for use by the wider community
  • A building which respects the past but meets our contemporary needs

Please click here to download our brochure all about how we are opening up St Mary's.