News: Our Prayer Workshop Psalm

On Saturday 24th February 2018, St Mary's Twickenham held a Prayer Workshop, supporting our mission to nurture our relationships with God and with each other.

The following Psalm was created from the input of those present.

Lent 2018.


Creator God and Loving Father
One beyond our imagining
One for whom we long
Whose presence is everywhere
who journeys with us no matter where
Our life takes us. One to whom
We can always turn in need or pain or fear.

You who identified so passionately
With the weak, the sick,
The vulnerable, the outcast;
You who always seek to comfort
Your people with your compassion.

To you we turn in prayer
To you our soul sings out:
In joy and thanksgiving
For the beauty of your world and
All you offer us through the
Extraordinary gift of it;
For the overwhelming wonder
Of all that is.

Our hearts are full of gratitude
For your guidance through the
Complexity of it; our hearts are humbled
By the opportunity of enjoying it.

Yet still we struggle to believe,
To focus on the light of your presence
When shadows fall across your creation
And the dark force of evil
Fills our souls with fear and dread.

Why does evil still exist ?
Why does the human heart
Know such powerful emotions
When we do not always have the ability
To control or channel them
Toward positive or constructive ends?

Why do we know such anger, such animoisity,
The desire to maime or hurt or kill?
Why have you given us such freedom,
When you know our tendency to
Stray away from your law of love?

We bring into your presence Lord
All that needs your resolving and redeeming.
Intervene as you see fit and not
According to our insights and ideas.

Remind us that you have intervened and changed
Human history down the years and still
You are part of our ongoing story.
Steadfast prayers have been offered to you
Throughout the ages, and you have
Answered them with loyalty and with love.

Through all the challenges of contemporary living
Help us to focus on what is
Eternal and unchanging,
Of you and of your creation;
On what holds all together in
Your providence and purposes,
For we know you use even times of
Temptation and trial to
Draw us closer to yourself.

Draw more people into the bright
Energy of your Church;
Help us to grow in our sense of what it is
To be your people, help us
Understand you more deeply;
Inspire us to inspire others, especially
Young lives who are part of our community.

As once you took, blessed, used
A few fish and a few loaves
To feed five thousand,
So take what little we have to give and
Bless and use it creatively.

Send us out into your world Lord,
Alive with your life living within us,
And in the power of your Holy Spirit
Use us to your glory and for the
Building of your kingdom.

This we ask in Your Holy Name.


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