Parochial Church Council

Parochial Church Council

Our Vision – to help make God more real for the people of this area.

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The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the executive body of St Mary’s, which meets to promote the spiritual, social, evangelistic and ecumenical work of the church and to oversee the implementation of the Church Vision.

PCC Vision Groups

The detailed work of the PCC is carried out by the following Vision Groups:

  • Buildings Group – responsible for the maintenance of the church buildings.
  • Children and Young People Group – co-ordinates our activities and ministry towards children and young people.
  • Communications & Social Group – covers all aspects of communication within the church family and with the local community. The Social side of the group encourages us to come together in social activities and to deepen our relationships with each other. 
  • Eco Group – ensures that as a church and as a community we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.
  • Ecumenical Group – fosters closer relations with other Christian communities and with our neighbours of other faiths.
  • Finance and Stewardship Group – encourages investment in the Vision of St Mary’s.
  • Music Group – enhances and extends the musical life of St Mary's.
  • Reordering Group – to implement plans for reordering the interior of the church to allow a more effective use to be made of the worship space.