The Organ

Photo of the OrganThe 1996 Harrison organ occupies an unusual position, facing west along the south gallery. The opening in the east wall is quite narrow, so we have adopted a vertical layout, with the Swell near the floor and the Great above it. The Pedal Organ stands behind it and solid back casework helps to project the sound forward over the Great. The console is detached, in order to leave a clear space in front of the organ; unusually for a Harrison console, it has terraced drawstops so as to reduce the height.

The organ case, installed in 1966, was based on the 1756 Snetzler case in Sculthorpe Parish Church, Norfolk. This scaled-up version, with its heavy 8ft front pipes, suffered from weaknesses of proportion and detail, but the concept was right. We have remade it, with major alterations to the pipe fields and panelling. The new front pipes are of tin and the carvings are by Derek Riley.

For all its sumptuous eighteenth-century appearance, this is a thoroughly modern organ. It has a substantial job to do, especially in accompanying large congregations. We aimed for rich, balanced choruses on Swell and Great, with plenty of colour and energy to fill the church. The key actions are tracker and the console actions electric. The wind system uses double-rise reservoirs.

The organ was designed by Alan Howarth and voiced by Peter Hopps. The consultant was John Norman with Adrian Mumford, organist of the church.

Technical Specification

Image of the Organ

PEDAL ORGAN, 4 stops

1. Bourdon 16

2. Open Flute 8

3. Fifteenth 4

4. Trombone (wood) 16

I. Swell to Pedal

II. Great to Pedal

GREAT ORGAN, 8 stops

5. Open Diapason 8

6. Stopped Diapason 8

7. Principal 4

8. Chimney Flute 4

9. Fifteenth 2

10. Sesquialtera II

11. Mixture IV

12. Trumpet 8

III. Tremulant

IV. Swell to Great

SWELL ORGAN, 8 stops

13. Gedackt 8

14. Salicional (stopped bass) 8

15. Voix Céleste (tenor c) 8

16. Gemshorn 4

17. Flageolet 2 1

8. Larigot 2

19. Mixture III

20. Hautboy 8

V. Tremulant

VI. Sub Octave


  • Five general pistons and general cancel
  • Five foot pistons to Pedal Organ
  • Five pistons to Great Organ
  • Five pistons and foot pistons to Swell Organ
  • Reversible pistons and foot pistons: I, II, IV
  • Combination couplers
  • Great and Pedal pistons
  • Generals on Swell foot pistons
  • Two piston memories

The manual compass is 58 notes; the pedal 30 notes. The electric blower supplies the wind through double-rise reservoirs.

The Organs of St Mary's Parish Church, Twickenham - This in-depth guide is available to purchase for £5.00 (including postage) from the Parish Office.